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In accordance with the Law and in a principle of honesty towards the parties involved, the signing of a mandate is MANDATORY. It can be said "simple" or "excusive". The possible effort that the owner makes, or not, also translates, or not, on the motivation and the means engaged by the agencies.

As professionals, we know how to distinguish a coherent and committed person, from a person ... By taking into consideration the important aspect that a file can have, out of respect for the parties concerned AND possible commitment (s) ) taken, we are obliged to take into account a notion of "duration" in the decision-making.

Finally, "advertising", in an empirical sense, is not a "joy" for an attorney. Everything has its reasons, the fact of its execution implies a reaction translated into a result, positive or negative. What the owner doesn't earn, we lose too!

We will distinguish the real estate activity into 3 sectors: Purchase / Sale, long-term rental, short-term rental (seasonal, tourist ...)


This mandate, intended for Purchase / Sale, allows the owner a broad decision-making maneuver, by being able to bet on a plurality of other agencies or even having the possibility of carrying out a termination easily within 30 days.

In return, the owner allows himself a demand risk. Homespot edits, publishes and carries out "free" communication, ranging from the website to classified ads or even SEO referencing without committing a maximum of its means and therefore, limiting the target of potential buyers.

Here is an example of a simple mandate.


This mandate is intended for the owner wishing an exclusivity for Homespot. The exclusive mandate is an extension of the simple mandate. It is made up of the same obligations and workloads with however notable differences added.

Within the framework of an exclusive mandate, the practice is that the agency takes care of the publicity and increases its fees to compensate. At Homespot, we do the opposite. We are lowering our fees, so that the owner takes charge and remains the decision-maker in the direction of his communication. Homespot advises, offers a catalog of advertisers, according to the owner's budget and his choices.

Here you will find an example of an exclusive mandate.


For the signing of a mandate, the following supporting documents are mandatory and necessary:
copy of CNI
Property title
Habitation permit
Certificate of non-recovery taxes
Purchase / acquisition contract and cadastral plan
Discharge of a water operator
Discharge from a telephone operator
The last 3 tax receipts

In case of co-ownership:
Co-ownership regulations
Release of co-ownership


The fees are :
2.5% HT (3% TTC) by the Seller
2.5% HT (3% TTC) by the Purchaser

This commission can possibly be negotiated when the sale amount is important. The percentage is determined by mutual agreement between the different parties.

This remuneration is due on the day the transaction has been concluded and recorded in a single written act, signed by the buyer and the seller (sales agreement or final act, if the sale does not go through a compromise).


Without having to go into details, the Agadir region also has very strong tourist rental potential, but also proximity (clientele from Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech ...). Homespot offers 2 types of mandates.

The rental mandate is above all a contract that binds the owner of a home with an agency or a real estate agent. More specifically, it governs the search for a new tenant and all the procedures that result from it.

Defined by law, this mandate corresponds to a power of attorney by which the owner gives power to his representative to act on his behalf. There are actually two possible rental mandates, both in "exclusive" form.


LONG TERM which only concerns the rental of the property. This annual mandate is said to be "simple" and can be terminated within 30 days. This one concerns:
A precise estimate of the amount of the rent
Dissemination of the rental advertisement and its advertising on the website (taking photographs, writing the advertisement, etc.)
Carrying out visits to the property
Study of the files of potential tenants
Drafting and signing of the lease contract
Inventory of entry points into the apartment

Here you will find an example of an operating rental mandate.


LONG TERM / SEASONAL which then allows the agent to take care of all the procedures related to rental management as a whole or its type of rental. This annual mandate is said to be "exclusive" and can be terminated within 90 days. This one concerns:
Search for new tenant / advertisement
Drafting and signing of lease / rental contract
Inventory of fixtures / In and Out checks
Rent recovery / collections
Drafting of receipts / invoices
Management of any work on the property
Registrations at 22 OTA (Online Tourism Agency) on 4 continents
"INTER-AGENCY" inscriptions which allow files to be crossed with other agencies
Registration in the mailing list (+700 emails from associations, clubs, unions, travel agencies, schools / faculties ...)
Canvassing by social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ...)
Canvassing by travel agencies (network)
Edition of a "pro" catalog with annual volume discount (50, 80 or 100 days)
Customer follow-up (24/7)
Agency follow-up (clients / other agencies)
Administrative follow-up (centralization / storage of documents)

Here you will find an example of a rental management mandate.


For the signing of a mandate, the following supporting documents are mandatory and necessary:
Copy of CNI
Property title
Habitation permit
Discharge of a water operator
Discharge from a telephone operator
The last 3 tax receipts


The fees for the RENTAL depend on the duration of the contract:
3 months: 25% HT of a rent by the Tenant
6 months 50% HT of a rent by the Tenant
12 months: 1 rent excluding tax by the Tenant and the Lessor

The fees for MANAGEMENT are:
Full Rental Management: 10% after charges

The charges under invoices are:
Water, variable
Electricity, variable
Internet, landline
Advertising and commissions, variable 10 to 15% of the customer price including VAT (travel, real estate, independent agents, OTA ...)
Homespot (recoverable invoice), fixed 10% of the customer price including VAT

Without water / electricity / internet charges, for the owner:
75 to 80% of turnover including tax and fees and commissions under recoverable invoices.
0 workload with quality service


Homespot believes that the more your accountant or bookkeeper has a easier workload, the better the relationship between all parties involved. Thus, upon signing the mandate, we will first provide you with several supporting documents, such as a copy of the articles of association, RC, license, etc.


In a principle of transparency and accessibility, each document is searchable, archived one month after validation of the accounts. These documents contain as much detail and information as possible.


We edit and / or group the documents:

The RMG (manuscript and Cloud) - Monthly Management Statement. It is a document that summarizes all the monthly data on the management of your property. This document should be kept because it is the link between the various invoices. It should be noted that, in some countries, it is even mandatory to be provided by agencies / companies. It represents credit / debit and transactions. You will find an example here.

The receipts & expenses book (manuscript and Cloud). It is made up of all the lines of entries by chronology. The slightest income or expense is notified there. You will find an example here.

Bills related to the activity (water, electricity, internet, OTA, repairs, household products, etc.).


Each guest arrival is notified in the hotel register and in the receipts and expenses register. Copies of CNI / Passport of travelers are kept as well as their rental contract.

Here you will find an example of a rental contract (-30 days).


The Homespot SARL acts as an agent billed on a monthly basis and cannot be held responsible for any sum collected by the owner. The Homespot SARL bears its share of VAT and invoices including all taxes.


We work with 2 types of bank payment:
Cash: direct or indirect (cash mandate)
Bank account: by bank transfer (customers, groups, OTAs, travel agencies ...)

For the species, each property has its "cash" (1 separate account per property editor's note) with a starting fund.
For the bank account, a visualization (for checking receipts) as well as a RIB with Iban and BIC are obligatory and necessary.

Once your property is in legal compliance and the customer's expectation, as well as the signing of the mandate and validation of the opening of your account, management and canvassing can begin.

The cleaning AND the laundry are carried out directly on the departure of the customer. The latter assumes the financial part taken over by him on a flat rate of 2 Dh / m² balanced up to:
60 Dh for professional laundry (based on 4 people at around 15 Dh / person / 3kg for sheet / cover / towel)
40 Dh of consumables (toilet paper, washing-up liquid ...)
Balance and remaining for the professional housekeeper as a "self-employed person"

Between the 5th and 10th of each month, we will send you:
Precise and detailed RMG by operations
Copy of the receipts & expenses book by chronology
Various bills (water, electricity, internet, various commissions, etc.)
Homespot (recoverable) invoice for its fees, in your kind payment

All you have to do is send it to your accountant.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, information or other.

Homespot thanks you for your attention and maybe says "see you soon !"