To start


For anyone, renting a property isn't necessarily easy.Whether the owner is an investor/annuitant or wanting to rent a property he occupied, 1 thing is certain, natural by the affect and/or the accountant who are Origin : owner always have a tendance to over-evaluate his property. Just a buyer will seek to lower and a seller will seek to raise it.

The owner gives himself a risk of demand, because it's not necessary by signing with a professional it brings from the travelers and a rate of filling. Similarly, it is not certain for the professional operating that the real estate pleases the traveller.

It is difficult or even impossible to measure the real consequences to pass or not to pass through an operator. Empirically by the simple fact of their existence, or even that millions of homeowners extend their tenure with millions of companies proves that in most cases it is good to use professional companies like Homespot .

In addition to doing concierge services, we will also take care of sales canvassing but also accounting and legal matters. We optimize your visibility as much as possible, even going so far as to modify the photos to analyze the passage frequencies and "click rate". We have mailing lists, create a "press book" and present it to professionals (travel agencies, freelancers, etc.). Homespot also brings you a commercial and webmastering part, essential elements nowadays.

We also pay great attention to security and confidentiality. Thus, we have been working with the same partners for years. By favoring sincere and healthy relationships, by adding transparency and responsiveness, and by applying a strict and consistent methodology, we guarantee maximum peace and security.

Homespot will transform your property into tools of work and remuneration. This is why strict clauses are written on the mandate. The essence of success depends on the seriousness of the owner and the respect of the dates agreed for the personal use of the property.

We, like our partners, hate "cancellation".

What we need

When signing the mandate Homespot will ask you for the following supporting documents:

- copy of property titlle and/or "permis d'habitabilité"  ("autorisation d'exploitation" for society) + copy of insurance certificate

- signed certificate of representativeness (for the different operators)

- bank account with visibility for follow payment (1 bank account per property)

- 2 key sets) - (1 for customer and 1 for Homespot)

How ?


It is difficult to ask a magician for an explanation of his magic tricks. Basically, we'll first "clean up" the web when needed of any old URLs, unnecessary addresses. Then we will create the "product sheet" of your establishment. It is made up of a high-quality photo book that meets the expectations of travelers but also operators and all other useful information. Then we will create an "entity", via a graphic charter, a logo, a theme or a "call to action" for your property. Registration in mailing lists, and creation/recovery of a maximum OTA (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, Tui, Abritel and many others). If you are a professional, we will create a "Business" account at Google for example. We also set up social networks as well as data analysis tools (frequency of passage after change of photo/text, analysis of positioning in search engines...).

Then comes the legal part, where we will set up invoicing, contracts, internal regulations .... in the event of taking the option "with the households" to agree on the terms and conditions.

Then we publish a "press book ", which will be regularly sent by email or canvassed by hand to partners and local agencies. This press book will contain a presentation of the property as well as professional prices discounted on volume throughout the year.


In addition to taking care of the handing over of the keys, verifications of identities, signing of the contract and tracking travelers, besides that, every 48 to 72 hours approximately, we analyze the results of passage at the OTAs. "This photo is less pleasing and causes less clicks, let's change it". Our goal is to place you at the top of the search engines by playing on the different algorithms.

24/7 disponibility, we take care of the traveler tracking. The household, this is done within hours after the departure of the traveler.

Each month, we gather all the data to archive them and communicate them to you (see opposite) so that you have a clear, crisp and precise view of the management of your property. Each element, document, is stored on a Google Cloud which you can access with a simple .gmail email.

Finally, the commercial policy is to refer to local professionals the activities inherent to the location of the property. For a transfer, rental, activity, repair, purchase or anything else. For all services attached to the operation Homespot cannot be solicited except with and for a direct connection with the companies. Please take this criterion into consideration.

Accountant and administrative


Upon signature of the mandate (example here) we provide you with several supporting documents, such as a copy of our articles of association, our RC and our tax identifier.

Internal administrative

We edit and consolidate the documents: The RMG (manuscript and Cloud) - Monthly Management Statement. It is a document that summarizes all the monthly data on the management of your property. This document should be kept because it makes the link between the various invoices. It should be noted that, in some countries, it is even mandatory to provide by the agencies. You will find an example here.

The receipts & expenses book (manuscript and Cloud). It is composed of all the lines of entries by chronology. The slightest income or expense is notified there. You will find an example here.

Bills related to the activity (water, electricity, internet, OTA, repair, household products ...)

We close each month by giving the owner: RMG + recipe book + Homespot invoice

Customer administratif

Each guest arrival is notified in the hotel register and in the receipts and expenses book. Copies of CNI or Passport travelers are kept as well as their rental contract (you will find an example here).


20% "Property management" package. The package includes the web part of customer research, URL optimization, such as check in and check out, organization and follow-up of customers as well as households, but also accounting and administration, as well as "professional" canvassing. You will find details of the services here. Each month we invoice you the fees to be paid within the following 15 days.

Yes, owner, 80% of the turnover is for you, without any workload! No concierge, no canvassing and communication, no accountant and legal!

The operation remains in your name! We bill you for the service each month. An example of an invoice here.

VAT and taxation

The Homespot SARL acts as an agent invoiced monthly and cannot be held responsible for any sum collected by the owner. The Homespot SARL bears its share of VAT and invoice including VAT.