The platform hosts 114 product sheets. Homespot would like to thank locals partners real estate agencies / companies.


Benefits :

Autonomy and independence. The agency retains complete freedom on the choice, number, display...of its products. Once the contract is signed, it is enough to fill in 1 registration form per good with the documents requested in copy

No Act, no fees. The agency pays Homespot only in case of Act. No subscriptions, no hidden fees, she knows what she’s paying when she makes money.

Anonymity and security. By means of a reference and identifier system, we guarantee anonymity and discretion throughout the canvassing process and, after verification of their mandate, put in contact the agencies concerned.

Respond to the client. After having offered your catalogue to the customer you always have the possibility to access the Homespot catalogue with its hundreds of offers.

Negotiation and customer contact. Agencies/customers negotiate among themselves and keep customer contact. Homespot does not intervene and remains only a «communicator».

Territory marking. By strengthening Homespot, you greatly reduce the possibilities of distance selling by real estate agencies not present in the region.

Strengthening your SEO. There is nothing better than cross-referencing. By various techniques, we also play on the SEO of your website.

Efficiency and balance. Your agency knows what it’s paying, when it actually has to pay something. Similarly, our fee/commission is 10% of the total received by your agency.

Ethical. Do you sell the published product on your side? All you have to do is report it to us to publish it. We receive compensation only on the client we bring to you, not on the “good”.

National and international communication. Many types of communication, search engine listing and other internet or direct marketing, we promote your product on a global scale.

Customer quality and informal. Homespot, a tool for sorting? With a legislative and homogeneous process, customer quality is maintained and promotes the fight against the informal.

Reassure the customer. Thanks to the multiplicity of offers/sectors and the "mechanization" of the acquisition modus operandi.

The "Agencies" page gives you more information.


Several types of Homespot mandates are available to you, with the nomenclature and form in regulation, respective appendix, and required documents.

Find the explanations on the "Owners" page.


Surfcamp or SUPcamp, seminar, teambuilding, with family or friends, a "week" pack is available to you. Do not hesitate to find in the "GROUP & INFO" tab the dedicated page with its kit to make your job as easy as possible as an organizer!
A4 poster to display and present to your members
French regulatory letter on associative travel
Travel contract binding your association to Homespot
Membership contract binding your association to your traveling members


In consultation with the various Actors concerned, GTC and a catalog with volume discounts will be drawn up in the long term.


We can arrange for our carpenter to carry out furnishings on request, varnished or resins, examples of which you will find here.