Terms and conditions

All the apartments rented are the property of individuals who have entrusted their rental to the Homespot company, acting as their representative on site. These apartments are reserved for the exclusive residential use. Reminder: furnished tourist accommodation are chalets, apartments, or furnished studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a passing clientele who makes a stay characterized by a rental by the day, week or months, and who does not take up residence there.

This rental is made under the following charges and conditions that the lessee undertakes to perform and fulfill, namely:

1- occupy the premises only bourgeois, the exercise of any trade, profession or industry being formally prohibited, the lessee acknowledging that the premises covered by this contract are only let to him as a temporary residence and as a pleasure.

2- not being able to substitute for any person whatsoever, nor sublet even free of charge the rented places except with the written agreement of the lessor.

3- that the reservation and accommodation admit de facto acceptance by signing and applying the terms of the contract and the internal regulations.


Refer to the description of the apartment. Pets are not allowed by default. Otherwise it will be stipulated in the description of the apartment. In addition, the detention of dangerous animals is regulated and prohibited like the detention of attack dogs.


All our prices (apartment and service) are inclusive of VAT, charges included and cleaning included. The contract formation mechanism follows a specific process and takes place in several stages:

- rental offers by the Homespot company and through advertising, such as the site www.homespotmaroc.com

-contact / reservation of the tenant accompanied by the payment of the deposit (50%)

-confirmation and registration

The contract becomes final by confirmation from the agency within 24 hours of receiving the deposit (in fact the agency is likely to receive many responses to a single proposal. The period of validity of the offer and the price thereof is 7 days.)

In order to validate the booking option, the tenant is requested to pay a deposit of 50% of the price of the accommodation. The latter will receive by return (electronic voice) the booking voucher indicating the amount of the deposit / payment paid.

As this is a deposit, it is specified that the commitment of the parties is firm and final and cannot be broken, the deposit not being:

- not refundable in case of cancellation 14 days preceding the arrival date

- 50% refundable in the event of cancellation within 15 to 30 days of the arrival date

In the event of cancellation by the agency for various reasons (urgent work, damage, defective household appliances, etc.), another accommodation of the same type or of a higher category will be offered by way of an upgrade).

On the day of arrival the deposit is switched as payment in accounting entry and the balance must be paid.

In the event of a deposit payment by transfer or cash mandate, the rental deposit is due 7 days after the tenant's reservation date.

PLEASE NOTE, your pre-reservation will be canceled automatically. In the event that these conditions are not met, the lessor would be entitled to immediately re-let the premises, subject of this contract.

Distance selling condition

For the conclusion of a distance contract, it is specified that the tenant will receive by email, an offer for a rental contract. It is specified that the tenant has a period of 7 clear days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or to pay compensation. The agency committing to reimburse the tenant at the latest within 30 days of the date on which this must be exercised.

Arrival and departure formalities


The rental is granted for a stay which begins on the day of arrival after 2 p.m. and ends on the day of departure before 10 a.m. The keys are handed over on the day of arrival. The tenant arriving after 7 pm must imperatively notify the company. Without news from him at 10 p.m., the keys will be recoverable the next day from 9 a.m.


having been the subject of a verification of all the objects contained in the rented premises will be returned to the tenant on the day of entry into use; he will be required to verify it, to report it to Homespot, with his observations


On the day of the trip, the inventory will be checked. The tenant will be required to return the items designated therein to each room. He will have to reimburse the missing or damaged items and will be held responsible for any damage or deterioration he may have committed in the rental. If these various costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the tenant agrees to pay the balance. If the tenant did not vacate the premises on the day at the time set by these regulations, he would be required to pay the rent due for the period not provided for in the initial contract and the amount of damages that could be claimed by the tenant whose stay would thus be compromised.

Security deposit / deposit

The tenant will have to pay to the company on the day of taking possession of the premises a lump sum registered on the contract, as a security deposit to respond to the damage that may be caused to the objects garnishing the rented premises. . In addition, a sum may be withheld from the security deposit for cleaning the premises. The refund of the security deposit will be made on the day of departure, after deduction of the sums owed by the tenant for rental repairs or cleaning, if necessary following departure. The tenant must leave the apartment clean, dishes, appliances, carpets, etc. Our rentals do not include departure cleaning. The tenant declares to have taken knowledge of all these clauses of the contract and to accept them without any restriction or reservation.